Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hand-painted texture workshops

Justin Marcus has arranged these workshops:

Nafisah Tung is an AiCA-SD Game Art graduate from 2011. She's currently working at Sony Online Entertainment on Free Realms as a Character Artist.

The first workshop is Friday, August 24th, at 7pm. Room will be determined at a later date. The topic of this workshop will be Hand Painted Texturing.
The second workshop is Friday, September 7th, at 7pm. Again, the room will be determined at a later date. We will continue with hand painted texturing topics (including a critique of people's hand-painted assets), as well as concepting for 3D (particularly combining various photo reference into a cohesive concept).
Nafisah's website:
If there are any particular topics relating to hand-painted texturing that you would like covered please let me (Justin)  know and I'll see if we can work it into the workshop.

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