Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dzu's Digital Painting Workshops

Part 1: Figure
Friday August 27 1-5pm room 265

Part 2: Head
Friday September 10 1-5pm room 265

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Grady's drawing workshop, Thursday Aug 26th 12-3pm

Come get personalized instruction and additional help with Grady!
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Max Bartoli - Writer/Director: "Atlantis Down" speaking on campus Thursday Aug 19 12-1pm

Max Bartoli - Writer/Director of the upcoming film "Atlantis Down" will be speaking on campus on Thursday Aug 19 12-1pm in rooms 145-146-147
Please join us to learn about Max's role in creating this film. Perhaps he will show us some clips, pre-visualization elements, or production stories!   

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Mini Biography
Born in Italy, and having earned a degree in Media Law, Max Bartoli has spent several years traveling and working in England and the US, where he resides. He is the author of two books published in 1989 and 1991 that won him the title of "Youngest European Fiction Writer in 1989.

In 1997 he co-wrote "Metropolis", with Francesco Licata, a TV program, which was part of the Benefit TV gala "Trenta Ore per la Vita" broadcast nationwide in Italy by Italia 1 a Mediaset's station.

Since 1998 Max has worked as a director and Executive Producer for various advertising agencies in Italy and England, directing and producing sports videos, corporate and institutional videos, as well as TV commercials.

In 2004 for MaXaM Productions, Max wrote, produced and directed two documentaries: "Postcards From The Past" and "Time Travelers". From 2002 to 2004, he worked as a director and executive producer for one of Italy's largest advertising companies, Rotella and Partners. For them he has directed several videos and two documentaries: one on the "Coliseum" (which won Italy's "Media Star Award") and one entitled: "Tunisia the jewel of the Mediterranean Sea".

In 2006 Mr. Bartoli produced and directed his first short film, "Ignotus", which has won 25 awards at International Film Festivals in 18 months. Among them are: "Best International Short Film" at the New York Int'l Film Festival, "Best Foreign Language Short" at the San Fernando Valley Int.'l Film Fest in Hollywood, two "Silver Pelican Awards" at the Taormina Film Festival, the Capri-Hollywood Award at the Capri Hollywood International Film Festival and the prestigious "Cisterna d'Argento" for his outstanding achievement in the arts. The "Cisterna d'Argento" is awarded annually for outstanding achievement in the arts, peace, economics, and science and has been previously given to Pope John Paul II, Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev and former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi.

Bartoli's film "Ignotus" is the only short film to have been watched and also praised by Pope Benedectus XVI, the former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi and the Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

"Ignotus" was also the only official Italian short film during the 2007 European Short Film Festival held in Washington D.C. at the Goethe-Institute. Bartoli's short has also been screened at the last "Festa dell'Unità" of Pesaro (Italy) as one of the short films that better represented the image of Italy worldwide during 2007 and 2008.

In 2009 Mr. Bartoli co-wrote, produced and directed the sci-fi feature "Atlantis Down", starring Michael Rooker and X-Files star Dean Haglund. Mr. Bartoli also directed, produced and edited the 8-episode TV series entitled: "Atlantis Rising: the making of Atlantis Down" which has been aired by Cox 11 in Virginia since February 2010.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Open Labs SU10 - full schedule

Hey everyone,
if you are looking for a lab which doesn't have a class running, take a look at the image below. (Click for larger)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

tutoring and workshops

Tutoring is available in the Learning Lab. Check the schedule (click below) to see when it is staffed by the tutors in the topic you need. No appointment is necessary, the services are free.

Workshops are being held throughout the quarter as well! Check the schedule (click below) to see what's offered and when. The topics are interesting and are either outside of our curriculum or they provide extra help in the topics students need most.

Monday, August 2, 2010

how was SIGGraph? Upcoming conferences

Who went?
   I had a great experience there! I saw Dreamworks present on how they created their visual style for "How to Train your Dragon". It was great! They showed the evolution of the characters and the environments. They also discussed their approach to stereo 3D.
   I also went to see Jim Miller, who is head of Pixar and used to be the head of ILM. He shared some great stories of movies he had worked on for the past 20 years.
   I saw Digital Domain do a presentation on their work for Tron: Legacy. They showed an 8-minute trailer and discussed some of their costume design and environment designs. They also talked about how they shot the film for stereo 3D.
   I didn't spend much time at the Expo itself. I went to an 'Education Summit' put on by Autodesk. They reminded us that they offer free downloads of their products and they also showed some downloadable project files and tutorials. Come see me if you want to take a look at them.
  Next year's convention is in Vancouver! To stay local, take a look at the CTN-X show coming up November 19-21 in Burbank. http://www.ctnanimationexpo.com/
  For you motion graphics and multimedia artists (as well as 3D, VFX types) consider road-tripping to Albuquerque, New Mexico for the Motion Conference.  It's October 16-19. http://motion.motion.tv/
   Both conferences offer registration discounts to students.


electives for FA10?

MAA Students!
I'm working on the schedule for next quarter. What electives do you want to take? Post comments here or send requests to me: jkatsoff [at] aii {dot} edu

two upcoming workshops

Dzu Nguyen and Dr. Wei Xu are both hosting drawing workshops wihch are coming up soon! Click on each flyer to see more information