Thursday, August 30, 2012

freelance gig: need FX animator and web designers

3rd quarter student Curtis Jefferson asked me to post these opportunities. You can contact him directly.  -Jason

We are launching a professional esports team here in San Diego. Our goal is to obviously to have a professional esports team here in the United States but of course recognized all over the world.  Our launch date is less then 35 days away.

I am excited to assist in the program by connecting students with professional quality opportunities that will of course enhance their portfolio and also offer some exciting incentives as well. I have several positions immediately available:

I need a really good web designer or web designers right away. I immediately need to contract a web designer to assist in launching of the page. Monthly salary is available upon negotiation. Here is a link of what I would like the page to look like: also

Also I need a really good fx animator. I want to create a welcome/splash page for the site. It will just be a very attractive intro that will act as something that the users can view until the web page is ready.  This is potentially a contracted position as well I just would like to meet and discuss obviously if the person is right for the job.

I am not selecting outside help in this for the simple fact that that I know how companies are set up and would like to give AI the opportunity first. I really need to fill these positions immediately.

619*366*0892 is my phone number, any graduate or student interested please feel free at any time to contact me. My email is . My main concern is to fill these positions.


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