Tuesday, September 13, 2011

GREAT guest speakers! Week 1 of the Fall quarter: Friday October 7th at 7pm

Do not miss this event! It will be our quarterly department social and I'll bring the pizza.

Tomas Jech and Jacob Gardner are professional animators from the Games and Film industry. Collectively, their work experience includes Shrek Forever After, Halo Reach, Megamind, and the upcoming Puss in Boots. Tomas is a former Pixar animation intern, and now works as an animator on major game releases. Jacob is a feature film animator. He also co-founded Speaking of Animation (podcast blog), and instructs at iAnimate- an online animation school.

And g'day to Jacob!
Say hello to Tom!

This lecture will cover a wide variety of topics- Industry tips, networking ideas, interview preparation, and being an engaged artist. But there’s more! Everything from dating, to eating, to bathroom etiquette... this lecture covers it all. Bring your notebooks and pencils... And be sure to ask lots of questions.

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  1. These guys presented at my school this past week, and their presentation was EXCELLENT... one of the best presentations I've attended about the animation industry. They have tons of good information, and they're very entertaining too.