Wednesday, February 16, 2011

volunteers needed for IndieFest 7

***Indie Fest Volunteers Needed***
Many fun bands & films March 12-13th

people interested in donating 4 hours of their amazing talents, will get in return a free IndieFest7 ticket.

We need anyone with experience setting up stage or sound equipment, as well as sound techs or various degrees of expertise, stage managers, event staff with various set up experience, and handymen types who can helps us with hanging things, we can use food volunteers from the culinary program, runners, security, nurses, etc.

In sum, any help is welcome and much appreciated.
To Apply:
E-mail or call Maria Burbano with your Full Name, phone and e-mail and what you are  interested in helping with. 619-549-2095

LASKA GROUP is a vastly emerging independent marketing and public relations firm driven to make a difference in the entertainment, local arts and non-profit sectors. By using a creative, outside of-the box and innovative approach, Laska Group is dedicated to each client, artist and event it serves. With a growing list of clientele, and connections to some of the best in the industry, a passion for music, art, love for food and heart for helping others is what drives the success behind our vision.

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