Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Professional Workshops Weeks 5 & 6

Below are 2 workshops being sponsored by GAD and VGP this quarter. These workshops are outside of our normal workshop series and will be hosted by Industry Professionals. Each workshop costs $20 per attendee which can be paid at the accounting window on the second floor across from lab 265. The workshops are open to the public and grads, but I expect current students will be the main audience. Both workshops are on Saturday 1-5 room 310 South Building (week 5 and week 6).

Feb 13th Tyler Wanlass: Environmental Artist, Highmoon Studios.
Tyler will be covering 3D modeling and texture production skills expected in new hires. Tyler will be covering intermediate to advanced techniques. I expect this is a must attend workshop for any students wishing to be environmental or texture artists.

Feb. 20th Hethe Srodawa, Concept Artist, Rockstar Studios.
Hethe will be covering digital painting techniques and production skills expected of game concept artists. Hethe has hosted workshops here on campus before and they have been very informative. Students wishing to be concept artists or wish to improve their digital painting skills should attend.

Students can see Christian Bradley for more info. If we have a good showing we can continue to offer these types of workshops in the future.

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